BigWolf Ecosystem

Bigwolf Academy is well experienced blockchain professionals community.

  • Our target is to share our experience and to encourage the newbies in cryptocurrency markets area.

  • At the same time Big Wolf Academy is Big Wolf token distribution platform.

  • In long term we aim to develop a decentralized crypto Exchange market.

  • Big Wolf Academy, Big Wolf Token and Big Wolf Exchange market supports the projects for endangered animals. Our motto is “protect environment and save the earth”.

  • Big Wolf Academy members benefit the first from the projects.Community first.

The Timeline

Big Wolf Academy Project


  • Total Supply -
  • Token Name: Bigwolf Token
  • Symbol: BWT
  • Design: 8

  • 2.500.000.000 - Liquidity Lock
  • 2.500.000.000 - Pre-Sale
  • 1.500.000.000 - Staking
  • - Developer Prize Pool
  • 2.500.000.000 - Locking for the Production of Secured Tokens
mobile apps

ICO Mobile App

With Wolf Wallet, it will be possible to securely store many solid-based cryptocurrencies.

Wolf Wallet is a unique cryptocurrency wallet where you can store all the cryptocurrencies in many blockchain networks.

  • Users will be able to make payments with their choice from the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron, Solana, Polygon networks, so there will be no need to use many different wallets.

  • This payment system will allow the name of the Wolf Ecosystem to be heard more and more and create more demand.

Coming Soon!

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Start to learn cryptocurrency with our training packages. Get the latest information on crypto markets.

Learn how to find the best quality crypto coins.

You can stake Big Wolf Token and 5% income

First Step

Select the available packages for you.

Second Step

Select your earning plan and join the reward program.

Third Step

Invite your friends and benefit referral program.

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mobile apps

Educational Videos

Big Wolf Academy will improve your trading technique. We will present you our VIP Special training videos. Online academy is starting soon with successful educators.

  • Successful Buy and Sell Tactics

  • Blockchain Specialization

  • New Tokens That Haven't Released Yet

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